Media Resources

Documents, presentations and reports produced by the SAMSET projects, as well as relevant documents produced previously relating to project work areas and themes.




“The Place of Local Government in Sustainable Energy Transition” Webinar:

Video: “Powering Namuwongo”:

Your Piece of the Sun: Gender, Energy and Poverty in South Africa:

Posters and Leaflets



MSW ManagementBags of charcoal on the bank of Lake Victoria in Kampala, Uganda (Image credit: SEA)
joburg-low-income-SWHLow-income households in Johannesburg with solar water heaters (Image credit: SEA)
SWH StoreParaffin tank at a ‘Spaza’ shop in South Africa (Image credit: SEA)
Landfill in Ga East Municipality, Accra, Ghana (Image credit: Xavier Lemaire)
Urban SprawlAerial shot of Lagos, Nigeria, showing the extent of urban sprawl in the city (Image credit: SEA)
PV BillboardSolar PV panels powering billboard lighting in Accra, Ghana (Image credit: SEA)