Online Resources

Publications Databases

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy: Local Energy Efficiency Policy. Available at:

Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP): Publications Database. Available at:

ESMAP: Energy Efficient Cities Case Studies Database. Available at:

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability: ICLEI Publications Database. Available at:

Overseas Development Institute: Publications Database. Available at:

RES-LEGAL: Legal Resources on Renewable Energy, Country Database. Available at:

Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Colombia Law School: State and Local Climate Change Resource Center. Available at:

South African Cities Network: Publications Database. Available at:

South African Local Government Association (SALGA): Knowledge Hub: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Available at:

South African Local Government Association (SALGA): Publications Database. Available at:

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Publications Database. Available at:

World Energy Council (WEC): Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures. Available at:


Specific Papers

Chenal, J. (2016) Capitalizing on Urbanization: The Importance of Planning, Infrastructure, and Finance for Africa’s Growing Cities. Available at:

eThekwini Municipality (2013) eThekwini Municipality Energy Office: Profile. Available at:

Green Cape (2016) Energy Services: Energy Efficiency and Embedded Generation, 2016 Market Intelligence Report. Available at:

Resnick, D. (2014) Urban Governance and Service Delivery in sub-Saharan Africa [Special issue], Development Policy Review. 32 (s1)

South African Cities Network (2016) Use of Energy Performance Contracting by Municipalities in South Africa: A tool to enhance implementation of energy efficiency in public buildings. Available at:

UN-HABITAT/ICLEI (2009) Sustainable Urban Energy Planning: A handbook for cities and towns in developing countries. Available at:

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (2015) Best Policy Practices for Implementing Energy Efficiency. Available at:

Ward, S. and Walsh, V. (2010) Cape Town Energy Case Study. Available at:

World Bank Group (2013) Development of Energy Efficiency in Sub-Saharan African Cities: A Municipal Perspective from Accra, Addis Abba and Nairobi. Available at:


Websites of Organisations Supporting Municipal Energy Planning

Covenant of Mayors Office for Sub-Saharan Africa: Articles. Available at:

SAMSET/ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability: African City Energy. Available at:

Sustainable Energy Africa/South African Local Government Association: Urban Energy Support. Available at:


Training Programmes

LEDS-EEP (2017) Webinar Programme on Tools and Methodologies for Municipal and Regional Sustainable Energy Planning. Available at:







“The Place of Local Government in Sustainable Energy Transition” Webinar:

Video: “Powering Namuwongo”:

Your Piece of the Sun: Gender, Energy and Poverty in South Africa:

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MSW Management

Bags of charcoal on the bank of Lake Victoria in Kampala, Uganda (Image credit: SEA)


Low-income households in Johannesburg with solar water heaters (Image credit: SEA)

SWH Store

Paraffin tank at a ‘Spaza’ shop in South Africa (Image credit: SEA)


Landfill in Ga East Municipality, Accra, Ghana (Image credit: Xavier Lemaire)

Urban Sprawl

Aerial shot of Lagos, Nigeria, showing the extent of urban sprawl in the city (Image credit: SEA)

PV Billboard

Solar PV panels powering billboard lighting in Accra, Ghana (Image credit: SEA