Reports on Ghana

Ga East

Ga East LEAP Modelling Technical Report – ERC (2017)

Ga East Municipality State of Energy Report 2014 – UoGhana (October 2015)

Ga East Municipality State of Energy Report 2014 Executive Summary – UoGhana (October 2015)

Ga East Municipality Energy Futures Report 2015 – UoGhana (October 2015)

Ga East Municipality Sustainable Energy Strategy 2015 – UoGhana (October 2015)

Ga East Modelling Report – ERC (2015)

Awutu Senya East

Awutu Senya East LEAP Modelling Technical Report – ERC (2017)

Awutu Senya East Municipality State of Energy Report 2014 – UoGhana (October 2015)

Awutu Senya East Municipality State of Energy Report 2014 Executive Summary – UoGhana (October 2015)

Awutu Senya East Municipality Energy Futures Report 2015 – UoGhana (October 2015)

Awutu Senya East Municipality Sustainable Energy Strategy 2015 – UoGhana (October 2015)

Awutu Senya East Modelling Report – ERC (2015)


Reports on Uganda


Jinja State of Energy Report 2017 – UMU (2017)

Jinja LEAP Modelling Technical Report – ERC (May 2017)


Kasese State of Energy Report 2017 – UMU (2017)

Kasese LEAP Modelling Technical Report – ERC (May 2017)

Other Ugandan Reports

Survey Data from Namuwongu, Uganda Household Energy Research – Durham University, UMU (November 2015)

Taking the LEAP in Uganda: Reflections on Developing urban energy baseline and futures models for Kasese and Jinja municipalities – UMU, Durham University (2015)


Reports on South Africa

City of Cape Town

Targeting informal households: Diversifying energy supply for the poor in Cape Town – ERC (2016)

Energy Scenarios for Cape Town: Exploring the Implications of Different Energy Futures for Cape Town up to 2040 – SEA (December 2015)

Energy Futures Report: Cape Town – Information for Decision Makers – SEA (September 2015)

Household Energy Use in Selected Areas In and Around Cape Town – SEA (July 2015)

Cape Town State of Energy Report – SEA (2015)


Polokwane LEAP Model – Technical Report – ERC (2017)

Dikgale – District of Polokwane Household Energy Survey Report – SEA (2016)

Polokwane Household Energy Use Synthesis Report – SEA (March 2015)

Small-scale embedded generation: Solar PV Overview and Challenges for Polokwane – SEA (July 2014)

Other South Africa Reports

Sustainable Energy Solutions for South African Local Government: A Practical Guide – SEA (2017)

Evaluating the Electrification Program in Urban Settlements in South Africa – ERC (2015)

Smart Metering: Overview and Considerations for South African Municipalities – SEA (July 2015)


Policy Notes / Working Papers

Gender and Inclusive Urbanisation – UCL (Sept 2017)

Inclusive Urban Planning – UCL (Sept 2017)

Informal Settlements – Electrification and Urban Services – UCL (Dec 2016)

Waste Management – Innovative Solutions for African Municipalities – UCL (March 2016)



Guidelines to Clean Energy: A Practical Guide for Sub-Saharan African Municipalities – Gamos (2017)


Technical Briefs

Energy Efficient Refrigerators Functional Demonstration in Awutu Senya East and Ga East Municipalities – UoGhana (2017)

Well-to-Wheels Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Comparison between Battery Electric Vehicles, non-Plug in Hybrids and Conventional Passenger Cars for South Africa – SEA (2016)

Spreadsheet for Wells-to-Wheels Technical Brief – SEA (2016)

Information for Polokwane for Greening the Tourism and Hospitality Sector – SEA (October 2015)


Book Chapters

Bawakyillenuo, S. et al (2018) Sustainable Energy Transitions in Sub-Saharan African Cities: The Role of Local Government. Chapter 4.3. In Droege, P. (ed) Urban Energy Transition: Renewable Strategies for Cities and Regions. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Elsevier

Euston-Brown, M. & Borchers, M. (2018) Sustainable Energy Transitions in South African Cities: Reflections on Enablers of Change Over the Past Two Decades. Chapter 4.4. In In Droege, P. (ed) Urban Energy Transition: Renewable Strategies for Cities and Regions. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Elsevier


Open Access Articles

Lemaire, X. (2021) Climate change and strategic low-carbon planning in African cities after COVID-19: inclusiveness or chaos? Journal of the British Academy, 9(s9), pp. 39 – 79

Borchers, M. et al (2018) Sustainable Energy Transitions: Changing the ‘Business as Usual’ Trajectory in Sub-Saharan African Urban Areas. International Journal of African Development, Vol. 5, Iss. 1

Lemaire, X. and Kerr, D. (2017) Solar Solutions: Bridging the Energy Gap for Off-Grid Settlements. In UNEP (2017) Frontiers 2017 Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern. United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, pp. 58 – 66 (In French) (In Spanish) (In Russian) (In Chinese) (In Arabic)

Tait, L. and Euston-Brown, M. (2017) What role can African cities play in low-carbon development? A multilevel governance perspective of Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. Journal of Energy in Southern Africa, Vol. 28, No. 3, pp. 43 – 53

Silver, J. and Marvin, S. (2016) Powering sub-Saharan Africa’s urban revolution: An energy transitions approach. Urban Studies, 54 (4). pp. 847-861

Euston-Brown, M. and Ndlovu, M. (2015) Theatres of technology innovation’: supporting local government in sustainable energy transition in South Africa, Ghana and Uganda. In Dehdarian, A. (ed) Network Industries Quarterly Q2 2015, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, pp. 14-21

(via academia.edu) Silver J, The potentials of carbon markets for infrastructure investment in sub-Saharan urban Africa, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability (2015)


Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Lemaire, X. (2018) African Cities and Climate Change: Planning and Implementing Strategies for Low-Carbon Transitions. World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, Canada, 15 – 21 July 2018

Stone, A. & Wiswedel, S. (2017) Modelling the Urban Energy Future of Sub-Saharan Africa – Exploring Strategies for Sustainability. International Energy Workshop, University of Maryland, USA, 12 – 14 July 2017, (Paper) (Presentation)

Bawakyillenuo S. , Agbelie, I. Lemaire X., Kerr D. (Eds.) (2017), Proceedings and Abstracts of the International Research Conference Strategies for Sustainable Energy Transitions in Urban Sub-Saharan Africa – SETUSA, Accra, 19 – 20 June, 2017, and Report on the EDUSA CPD Training Course (21-24 June 2017), ISSER – UCL Energy Institute / SAMSET

Bawakyillenuo, S., Agbelie, I. & Batchelor, S. (2016) Can cities find the energy to transform? A comparison of 6 SSA municipalities. Presentation to the Royal Geographical Society, September 2016

Lemaire, X. (2015) Urban Planning and Electrification of sub-Saharan African Informal Settlements: between Recognition and Eradication. 12th European Sociological Association Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 25 – 28 August 2015

Bawakyillenuo, S. et al (2015) Supporting African Municipalities in Sustainable Energy Transitions: An Applied Methodology for Supporting Sustainable Energy Transitions in African Municipalities. In Proceedings of Association of American Geographers 2015 Annual Conference, American Association of Geographers, Washington D.C., United States.


Reports, Working Papers and Presentations

Kerr, D. (2018) How can South African municipalities respond to the challenges of sustainable electricity provision to urban households now and in the future? Masters Thesis – De Montfort University (September 2018)

Travel Times in Africa – Does the Marchetti Constant Hold Here and is it Useful in Travelling to Practopia? – SEA (2017)

Bawakyillenuo, S. and Agbelie, I. (2016) The Place of Local Government in Sustainable Energy Transition: Perspectives of SAMSET. Addressing Energy Governance: Questions of Scale and Scope, Webinar (July 2016)

Sustainable Energy in Urban Africa – The Role of Local Government (Africities Summit 2015: Background Paper) – SEA (November 2015)

Modelling the Urban Energy Future of Urban Sub-Saharan Africa – SEA (2015)

SAMSET Netmap Baseline Report – Gamos (September 2014)

A Knowledge Exchange Framework for SAMSET – Draft – Durham University (August 2014)


Case Studies

Voortrekker Road Corridor Densification in Cape Town: Energy and Carbon Emissions Analysis – SEA (December 2014)

Waste-to-energy in Awutu Senya and Ga East Municipalities – UoGhana (October 2014)

Small-Scale Embedded Generation in South African Municipalities – SEA (March 2014)

Joe Slovo, Cape Town: Sustainable Low-Income Settlement Densification in Well-Located Areas – SEA (March 2014)


Literature Reviews

SAMSET Scoping Review – Urban Energy Transition in the Global South – UCL (November 2014 – Revised June 2016)

Energy Futures Modelling for African Cities: Selecting a Modelling Tool for the SAMSET Project – ERC (October 2014)

Energy and Urbanisation in SAMSET Countries: Synthesis of Three Reviews of Context and Literature – Gamos (September 2014)

The Nexus between Urbanisation and Energy in Ghana – A Literature Review – UoGhana (March 2014)

Energy and Urbanisation in Uganda – UMU (April 2014)

Energy and Urbanisation in South Africa – SEA (December 2013)


SAMSET in the Media

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