SAMSET Updates 23.9.14

A significant amount of progress has been made on the key research aims of the SAMSET project in the last six months.

The draft knowledge exchange framework produced by Durham University has been updated and finalised as a working version for the coming period (12-18 months). The project team aims to develop this KEF model into a working paper within that time-frame, also. The framework will be useful as a methodology for assessing how best to assist project partner municipalities in energy transitions, as well as being applicable more widely to urban areas wanting to transition to more sustainable operation.

Progress is also being made with final versions of the state of energy reports for the African partner institutions’ home countries. Finalisation of data is underway for these reports, with versions hoping to be completed by the end of October. These will be uploaded to the SAMSET website in due course.

In addition the modelling work undertaken by the University of Cape Town ERC is reaching a stage of initial release. This modelling hopes to show the energy flows and balances in sub-Saharan African municipaliites, as calibrated from real-life data from project partner municipalities.

Finally, case study topics on energy initiatives in partner countries and municipalities are nearing completion, and the most relevant topics from these case studies will be developed into support studies for partner municipalities in due course.