SAMSET Updates 26.3.14

Preparations are well underway for the second SAMSET Network Meeting, to be held in Cape Coast, Ghana, from the 14th-16th May 2014. This meeting will seek to clarify the progress of the project so far, as well as identify key work areas in the coming period.

Literature reviews have been developed on the urban energy situation in the three Sub-Saharan African partner countries, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. An international literature review on sustainable energy in urban ares has also been developed by UCL, as well as an urban planning literature review by the University of Durham.

The process is underway in the three partner countries to provisionally select the project partner municipalities also, following meetings conducted by the ISSER, UMU and SEA to determine the best candidates for partnering with the project. Mailing lists have also been developed by UCL and the University of Durham for project information dissemination to stakeholders in urban energy in the project partner countries and beyond, as well as specifically for urban planners.

A list of upcoming urban energy conferences has also been produced, for potential representation at by a member of the SAMSET team, as well as potential journals for publishing project outcomes in. Finally, project administrative tools have been selected, including document-sharing and web-conferencing platforms, and the project web platforms have been created.

Representatives from the University of Durham recently visited Uganda Martyrs University to further develop the goals of the knowledge exchange framework, develop questions to challenge the development of the framework, and network with potential local energy initiatives that would be interested in the project.  Also, representatives from Gamos have begun netmapping exercises with local urban energy stakeholders in Uganda to further develop the knowledge exchange framework goals for the project.